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Our mission is to provide independent community pharmacies with unmatched purchasing solutions and consulting services.


Our vision is to level the playing field for independent pharmacies. When independent pharmacies thrive, so do the communities they serve.


Competitive Heart – We want our members to win and thrive in the healthcare marketplace. We put our full heart into everything we do to ensure our members success.

Loyalty – We believe that developing committed relationships with our members and chosen partners contributes to our long-term success.

Hard work – We are never afraid to roll our sleeves up to meet our commitments to our members or our chosen partners.

Integrity – We strive for full alignment between what we say and what we do.

Accountability – Our member obligations are our first priority, without exception.

Service Leadership – We believe that those who serve others are the instigators of positive change.


Pharmacy Plus was established in 1996 in Maryville, Tennessee by David Pesterfield, a wholesale drug industry professional. David recognized the marketplace pressures faced by independents, and sought to use his expertise, insights, and professional relationships to address these challenges.

With the encouragement of a small group of independent pharmacy owners, David began creating a package of programs and services, and launched Pharmacy Plus. As the company grew, more team members joined the effort to empower independent pharmacies with cost-effective, workable solutions.

Today, the Pharmacy Plus team includes staff members with specialized financial, marketing, sales, and wholesale expertise. Having a broad, working knowledge of all aspects of the pharmacy industry is extremely beneficial in our negotiations with vendors. We have the relationships in place to deliver the pricing, products, and new opportunities independent pharmacies need. We value experience, loyalty, and hard work. That’s who we are, and it is why our network continues to grow.